There are many methods available for you to connect speakers to TV. Out of all these methods, a few will work for you depending upon the model of your TV and speakers.

Built-in speakers of TV’s are not so good to hear the desired sound. Everyone wishes to listen to music or watch movie with great sound that is not possible with built-in speakers of your TV.

To enjoy more powerful sound or good bass, you must have to hook up some external speakers to your TV. That is why we are here to guide you thoroughly in doing this.

Bluetooth is one of the best methods you can use to connect your phone with car audio system. It is the best wireless and efficient way of connecting phone to car.

For short-range connections, Bluetooth is a perfect way. The method of connecting may be a little different from one stereo to other but the basic concept is same for all.

You can also connect with Bluetooth Car Kit if installed in your car. When you have connected to car audio with Bluetooth, your hands will be free and there will be no wires as auxiliary cable to handle.


For car audio, high-quality subwoofers really produce the desired sound. On the other hand, poor subs can kill all your audio by causing different problems. Most expensive subwoofers are the final solution to improve car audio if you have a good setup. These will cover low-frequency sounds and make your audio powerful with deep bass.

Different brands offer subs from low to high quality. We have picked some valuable car subwoofers from all the top brands.

Expensive subwoofers have fewer sales because everyone cannot afford to buy these subs.

We have picked the most valuable car subwoofers from Sundown Audio…

There are many options available to connect multiple amplifiers to one source. These options vary from one system to another as different systems have different input/output options.

You may be connecting multiple amps for different purposes like if you have an old amplifier that you think could add value to your audio system.

Most of the people connect two amps together; one for speakers and other for subwoofers. It gives better sound quality.

Some people also attach multiple amps to hear the louder sound. Whatever the reason is, you can wire multiple amps in 4 different ways.

See all the 4 ways to connect multiple amplifiers to one source

Originally published at on August 29, 2020.

You can easily connect 4 speakers to a 2 channel amplifier just by keeping in mind the impedance of speakers and dividing the power equally to both the channels.

There are both methods available to connect 4 speakers i.e series and parallel. Which method to use depends upon your speakers and amplifier. Both the speaker and amplifier have impedance and limits that cannot be crossed to stay safe.

When we connect in series, it increases the impedance and when connected in parallel impedance decreases. Keeping an eye at maximum and minimum impedance of the amplifier you have to stay within…

If you have an old head unit that has no RCA jacks and you want to hook up and additional amp in your car audio system. You know it is very complex to install an amplifier in your car and when there are not even RCA jacks available, it becomes a little more complex.

An old head unit is not useless just because of the lack of RCA jacks. You should install an additional amplifier in your car to increase the power for running speakers or subwoofers.

When we move to hook up an amplifier, there are many methods available…

Do you want to connect 6 speakers with only 2 channel amp? Don’t worry, you can do this. But you must have to keep in mind some of the things. Here we give you every bit of detail, so stay tuned.

When you have two channels and 6 speakers, the main thing while wiring is to balance the load on both channels and make sure whether your amplifier can support this load or not. If the amplifier power is less than the load, it can damage either the amplifier or speakers.

Every channel of amp has a specific load capacity that varies in different models of amplifiers. You will have to check your model. Let us understand from the example.

Read complete details to connect 6 speakers to 2 channel amplifier.

Originally published at on August 19, 2020.

There are a lot of people talking on this topic and it has become very complicated. Wiring of two channels on one speaker is possible but in many ways, it can damage your amplifier.

You may be trying to run both the left and right channels on one speaker only. It can be done but method may vary from setup to setup of the amplifier.

Now we discuss some methods that people are trying to wire both channels on one speaker and tell you whether it will be good for you or not.

Wiring Left and Right Channels Together

Many people tried this by connecting the…

You can wire a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers in many ways. Here we will teach you everything in detail. So, stay tuned.

First of all, keep in mind wiring a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers is not a good practice. The best strategy is to buy a 6 amp channel or connect 4 speakers with a 4 channel amp. However, there is nothing impossible while wiring 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp.

When you wire more speakers with an amp than the capacity, it increases load. …

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