How To Connect Speakers To TV

Connect your speakers to TV:

You can use the following connection options and connect your external speakers to TV and get rid of the cheap quality built-in TV speakers.


First, check if your devices support ARC. Usually, it is printed “ARC” on HDMI ports that support them. You can also check from the manual.

  • Go to the settings in your TV and sound system and enable Bluetooth on both ends
  • Move to Bluetooth settings in your TV and enable pairing
  • Pair your TV audio with speakers
  • Check if both the TV and external speakers are compatible with this connection and have optical cable ports
  • Connect one end of the optical cable to TV and other end to external sound system
  • Check if you need to change audio settings by going into your TV settings and if available change audio to optical cable option
  • Get a pair of RCA cables
  • Plug the first two ends into your TV out
  • Plug the other two ends into the external speakers’ input
  • After plugging in on both sides, turn your TV and speakers on
  • Check for settings by going into audio sections of both TV and speakers if there is a need to change settings

Hook Up Your Speakers To TV:

No device has all the options available for connection. Different devices have different options that are missing and you must know what other ways are available that can produce best sound quality and connect your TV to speakers. Once, a good connection method is chosen and connection is created, you can get better sound quality.

Without Digital Optical Cable

Optical just like HDMI is also the latest and best method for audio transmission and absent in old devices. If HDMI or Bluetooth is available they will work fine but when they are also absent in case of very old system, you will have to rely on AUX or RCA.

Final Thoughts

These were some methods, you can use to connect speakers to TV. We hope one of these methods will work great for you. Comment below if you still have any question regarding connecting speakers to TV and we will be happy to help you.



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