How To Wire a 4 Channel Amp To 6 Speakers

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Aug 17, 2020

You can wire a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers in many ways. Here we will teach you everything in detail. So, stay tuned.

First of all, keep in mind wiring a 4 channel amp to 6 speakers is not a good practice. The best strategy is to buy a 6 amp channel or connect 4 speakers with a 4 channel amp. However, there is nothing impossible while wiring 6 speakers to a 4 channel amp.

When you wire more speakers with an amp than the capacity, it increases load. An increase in load makes your amp hot that is not good for your amplifier.

You can connect 6 speakers to 4 channel amp either in series or parallel. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages. The choice will be yours.

Suppose you have 4-ohm speakers that people purchase mostly. Under this assumption, we will find the load on your head unit.

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Originally published at on August 17, 2020.



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