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2 min readAug 11, 2020

Is your car stereo delivering dull music that makes you anger on your car speakers? Neither your stereo nor speakers are bad but they need to be tuned properly to deliver the desired sound. Audio bass, mid and treble need to be adjusted properly for the best sound quality on car speakers. Learn completely to equalize your car stereo for the best bass, mid and treble.

Today, we love music and music equipment. Good music ends up all our sadness and makes us excited and able to perform many activities.

To listen to music in an excellent way, we buy high-quality speakers but sometimes we cannot get what was expected. It does never mean that the speakers are bad. Actually we are unable to adjust the settings of speakers to get the best sound we like.

We can make our speakers worthy and enjoy music much if we learn how to equalize the audio bass, mid and treble to get the desired sound from the speakers and stereo installed in our car.

It will certainly add to your joy when riding on a car if speakers are giving you the desired bass and better sound quality.

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